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What We Offer

C-Suite Executive Search

Our Specialty is in Executive Search in strategic management positions: this includes search, selection and retention of Senior Executives across a wide range of industries and professions

Career Coaching

When there is an aspiration to advance one’s career vertically or horizontally for alignment/realignment with evolving values, career advancements, outstanding performance through a recruitment process; we are equipped and positioned to provide the efficient service of coaching, guidance and mentoring through these processes

Recruitment Consulting

Our bespoke recruitment consulting services enables our clients to save cost and save time while focusing on strategic functions that would ultimately increase productivity and revenue

Assessment Profiling and Interview Coaching for Hiring Managers

Hiring Managers value our expertise and support; our exceptional and effective coaching sessions demonstrate how to carefully assess and effectively interview candidates.

Sexual Harassment Training

The prevention and elimination of sexual harassment begins with educating all members of the workforce on Sexual Harassment and providing them with the relevant information on acceptable behaviors. Our sessions offer Managers and Supervisors additional specialized training on how to accurately handle cases of sexual harassment

Job Advert Management

Based on our expert knowledge of the market, we understand each role’s target audience, hence, through our efficient candidate attraction system, we create top-class Job Adverts that are interesting to the right individuals and sufficiently attractive to lure the best talents

Recruitment Outsourcing

Our Recruitment Outsourcing offerings involve managing employees, projects and all aspects of the hiring process, from sourcing and assessing to successfully placing candidates. In the last decade, we have consistently provided organisations with opportunities to increase their productivity, eliminate inefficiencies and associated costs that arise from handling non-core functions

KPI Development/Evaluation

Our KPI Development and Evaluation Services are tailored to each client's unique needs; we address issues such as developing meaningful KPIs, evaluating and improving existing KPIs, ensuring cascaded objectives and KPIs are aligned with organizational strategy that boost employee performance.

Staff Augmentation

We are experts at evaluating the employment needs of our clients and advising them on the category of professionals/resources to invest in. This is an outsourcing strategy, usually requested by our clients, where we staff their various projects and respond to their respective business objectives - evaluating their existing staff and determining which additional skills are required

Job Offer Management

Most times, making offers to candidates by Hiring Managers takes too long. Our clients totally entrust the complications that come with job offers to us. Our expertise in managing notice periods has prevented common disaster situations in recruitment processes that cost businesses time and money. Our very skilled team of professionals often conclude on Job Offers and salary negotiations with prospective employees within a short period of time

Employability Skills Training

Our Employability Skills Development training aims at improving participants’ knowledge and understanding of the workplace; it is an activity-based methodology that increases their awareness about employers’ expectations in the work environment. Our Participants do not only become employed, they are also successful on their jobs. This program helps young people become job ready, provides intensive pre-employment training and gives the opportunity to enhance work readiness

Payroll Outsourcing

We have Seasoned Payroll Specialists that handle all aspect of Payroll Management and Administration, Payroll Functions, saving time and money, reducing the need to hire or train payroll staff, preventing the purchase and maintenance of payroll software packages, and ensuring compliance with updated PAYE Legislation

Training and Development

Identifying Capacity Developmental needs that create measurable value and results in employees, equipping them with the relevant competence to improve performance and productivity is in our corporate DNA

Employer Branding/Candidate Attraction

We provide advisory services to our clients that have the need to attract the best talents in the competitive Human Resource marketplace, on how to implement the best strategies required to portray a good image, enhance Employer Brand, build and maintain their reputation as the most preferred place to work

We will empower your organisation by recruiting, engaging, training and retaining the best talents


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Since the inception of Talent Bureau Limited, we have successfully filled hundreds of positions with qualified reputable applicants.



Whether you are an employer looking for qualified and suitable talents or a candidate looking to make a career change or career progress, we are well positioned to meet your recruitment need. With our recruiting expertise, we would help you make the right choice
We work with your HR Management team to identify training needs, to plan, develop, execute, and appraise the training and development programs of your employees.
We offer a specialized Recruitment Consulting service that ensures we attract the best talent on behalf of our clients, covering the full recruitment cycle of specific recruitment assignments for major brands and multinational companies

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About Talent Bureau

We offer a specialized Recruitment Consulting service that ensures we attract the best talent on behalf of our clients, covering the full recruitment cycle of specific recruitment assignments for major brands and multinational companies.

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